Type of information verbal written on screen multimedia web based

Next the presenter will have to choose their media; multimedia elements support the main points of the presentation. Business Communications - P1. External sources of information As the NHS was set up and is owned by the government, the government can provide them with tonnes of information about the general public.

The customer service department is very important in the NHS as they are not a profit organisation, their main goal is to have satisfied consumers that are happy and healthy because of the service. For site structure check if it is too complex and that there are visuals, glossary, table of contents, and or an index.

Though this may seem easy enough, there are many different steps that one should go through to make sure their page is up to speed. For example, when being taught how to make a paper airplane, someone may prefer written instructions, while someone else may prefer picture instructions.

Often times, the flowchart is designed in the early stages of the website because it provides a good building ground for the website. Written Written information is another key way of communicating for businesses just like verbal communication, it is all information written down, most likely on paper.

However, for a company just starting out, those things may not be available yet. Things would get confusing if the user had to look over each navigation button every time they entered a new area on the site.

They are typically used when creating something animated.

Introduction to Computer Information Systems/Multimedia

Most "smart" phone service providers set a cap of 1Gb or 2Gb a month and charge additional fees if this ceiling is ignored. Many websites like to utilize the software that is out there that will manually do these needed checks for you, however it is still important to keep an eye out personally for anything that could be raising red flags.

They also receive letters from the NHS with any necessary information regarding them so they can keep it for when they may need it. Businesses need to do regular research and communicate the information, some businesses have a large section of their marketing department that just look at competitor activity.

Written information can be seen as more professional and official. However, a user may have interest in sharing these images through e-mail, or a website. The most ubiquitous audio file is the MP3. JavaScript code then processes the response from the server, and acts accordingly.

You have a countdown, which is your animation, you have images of the games you can get. Many of the sites mentioned earlier also provide tutorials to help get the site up and running. Web based This is all information on the internet, people who have a computer with broadband have access to endless amounts of information on the internet.

A website that contains more than one type of media is considered to be multimedia. The information that is communicated verbally to an employee, regarding their wages would come from an internal source, Human Resources, as it is their job to deal with an issues regarding employees, however it may be that a manager be the one to hold the meeting an inform the employee of the situation.

Adobe Dreamweaver Web site authoring software is used to make more complex web pages where developers can take advantage of commands that automatically generate tags and Cascading Style Sheets, which are used in the look and formatting of what was written by the markup language.

Most websites have a mobile version to them. A lot of internal information from different departments will be put up for people to see. There are many sources of verbal communication in the NHS, however internally the doctors and nursing staff will be the ones to communicate a lot of important information to the patients and families and also receive a lot of information from them.

Information recorded on-screen about previous patients can help doctors with patients they are currently dealing with if they have similar symptoms. So it require minimal technical knowledge to create a website. The NHS may also email or text some patients who prefer that method of receiving information.

As considering using a JPEG file on a website or through email, a user must consider the file size in comparison to the amount of quality of the image. There is some disagreement about whether serif fonts are easier to read than sans-serif ones, or vice versa, but in general, serif fonts are preferred for large bodies of text, especially on physical, printed materials, while sans-serif fonts are preferred for smaller things, such as headlines, and electronic messages.

This type of file is encrypted, and used for medical applications where patient confidentiality is needed. They need to use the right tone of voice so the person on the other line feels comfortable talking to them, they need to speak clearly and not mumble or talk too fast so they are being understood fully.

Additionally it is good to use paper because on paper anyone can add to the design and you do not have to have a lot of experience making web sites. Once the data is tagged, it can be used with any XML document. These files are uncompressed, so they take up a large amount of space, but they are of better quality than most MP3 files.

With stricter disability laws being put into place, we have started to think about different ways to inform the physically disabled via the Internet on Web sites.Adam Martin M1- Analyse different types of business information and their sources.

Merseytravel uses a lot of different communications to communicate with people, which includes; verbal, written, on-screen, multimedia and web-based communication.

What examples of written information will John Lewis look at when creating a Christmas advert? On-Screen Information - Information may be produced on-screen. This can be seen in multimedia TV and CD-ROMs that combine text, graphics, animation, audio and video.

The different types of information can be communicated Verbally, Written, On Screen, Multimedia and Web-based. Verbal Information involves through the use of a telephone call, face to face or a voicemail. Business Communication Part 1 Essay Sample.

P1: Describe the types of information used in your organisation, choosing one from each of the following categories:. Describe the types of information used in your organisation choosing at least 4 of the following categories: verbal, written, on-screen, multimedia and web-based.

Business Communication Part 1 Essay Sample

Within House of Fraser, 4 different types of information can be communicated. The ways being: verbal, written, on-screen, multimedia and web based. Tesco uses verbal communication in various ways. Some of the key components of verbal communication are sound, speaking and words/5(1).

Type of information verbal written on screen multimedia web based
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