The story of the good brahmin

No one obviously needs philosophy to do well in life -- to fall in love or to succeed in business or to derive pleasure from leisurely activities. She did not even comprehend my question. I do not know whether or no my understanding is a simple faculty inside me, such as those of walking and digesting, and whether or no I think with my head as I grip with my hands.

I asked her if she had ever been unhappy for not understanding how her soul was made? She did not even understand my question. I do not know why I exist, and yet I am applied to every day for a solution of the enigma. I am composed of matter: The text of from H. This is my comment on the above story of Voltaire.

This is my comment on the above story of Voltaire. Last edited by Arcadius; at Struck with the happiness of this poor creature, I returned to my philosopher, whom I thus addressed: When I talk with my brethren upon this subject, some tell me we ought to make the most of life and laugh at the world.

Struck with this mean creature's happiness, I returned to my wretched philosopher. It asks a question which seems quite relevant in our modern society. From hence I concluded, that although we may set a great value upon happiness, we set a still greater upon reason.

Is my ability to think a simple faculty in me like that of walking, or digesting food? Near his house, which was beautifully decorated and had charming gardens attached, there lived a narrow-minded old Indian woman: Every day people ask me questions on all these points. I am ready sometimes to despair when I think that after all my seeking I do not know whence I came, whither I go, what I am nor what I shall become.

Voltaire's "Story of the Good Brahmin" is an eloquent defense of the lowly philosopher. Besides, there is this to be said: I am composed of matter, I think, but have never been able to satisfy myself what it is that produces thought.

He was also very rich, and his riches added greatly to his popularity; for, wanting nothing that wealth could procure, he had no desire to defraud any one. I have been born, and I exist in time, without knowing what time is. I submitted this matter to some philosophers, and they were all of my opinion: I believe there's certain things people just don't want to know.

I set to examining myself, and I saw that in truth I would not care to be happy at the price of being a simpleton.

The Good Brahmin

As long as this un-reasonable organisation of production and distribution prevails, so long it appears that reason results in unhappiness and ignorance is bliss.

Is knowledge the enemy of true happiness? In my travels I once happened to meet with an aged Bramin. God is my judge that I know nothing of the matter, as plainly appears by my answers. Please send your comments to lyman ksu.

Everything increases my feelings of doubt and misery. I could see that the more he came to understand, the more he came to feel, and consequently the more unhappy he was. I talk with my friends.Feb 24,  · Re: The Story of The Good Brahmin This is the perfect philosophical question.

It requires one to form an opinion, or philosophy, on the basis of ambiguity due to complex variables. Said the Brahmin to me one day: "I wish I had never been born!" On my asking why, he answered: "I have been studying forty years, and that is forty years wasted.

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Add this book to your favorite list» Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Trivia About Story of a Good B No trivia or quizzes yet/5(18). The Good Brahmin. DOES HAPPINESS RESULT FROM IGNORANCE OR FROM KNOWLEDGE? In my travels I once happened to meet with an aged Bramin.

This man had a great share of understanding and prudence, and was very learned. Voltaire's Story Of The Good Brahmin. One of the commonest criticisms of philosophy is that it doesn't bear fruit -- that despite years of speculating and reasoning, philosophers have very little to show for themselves.

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The story of the good brahmin
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